David Sabbath

I’m a Commercial Director/DP and a storyteller. In thirty seconds, my stories have moved product, improved the recognition of brands and have become a catalyst for thinking and sometimes change.

I direct people, both real and hired, always looking for that special charm, delivery and look; and then, bring their story to life. I concentrate on images as part of story, one always leading to the next to build a collective whole. I love creating images but realize that content or even the non-verbal communication is an equal part of the equation.

I’m a great observer; able to think quickly; size up the situation and make it come to life, both in production and in edit. I’m a Director/DP and the cutter; always passionate about my life; my work; and the people around me. Every second counts. Every moment matters and every thirty seconds can make a difference.

That is why I’m a storyteller.


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